Bare-rooted roses can be obtained cheaply!

The assortment of spring-summer 2021 roses is ready to accept orders. We offer two types of seedlings; roses in a pot and roses as bare-root plants. Potted plants are planted in 4 liter plastic pots. Some of them overwinter in our garden, the other part are freshly planted in spring 2021. Bare-rooted seedlings are from the same batch and of the same quality as the plants planted in the pots. All roses are properly cared for 2-year-old healthy plants, they have the necessary crown and also roots cut. That’s why it’s a good idea to get the roses you need, if possible, because they’re 30 percent cheaper. Bare-rooted roses are wrapped with a small amount of peat in black film and a color image is added.

We can start issuing bare-rooted roses from the beginning of April. They are perfect for sending in a parcel post. One pack can hold 20-30 roses depending on the size of the crown. As potted plants, one pack can hold 6, sometimes 7 or 8 seedlings. We can start issuing roses growing in the pot around April 20, 2021.

Aiasõber – a friend next to you wishes you many great findings in our e-shop and sales point!